Branding "2016 Obama’s America"

MLi Design’s latest project has been the branding and marketing design for the new political documentary, “2016 Obama’s America.” The film is now in over 1000 theaters across the nation and already the top grossing Conservative political documentary of all time. MLi branded the key art marketing for the film, which has included the theater posters, web site, advertising, emails and web banners. 

Visit the 2016 web site, developed by long-tiime associate of MLI, Thor Simpson / Seattle: 

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  1. In the 2 weeks following the national release of 2016, ticket sales have climbed an additional $15+ million to a total now over $18.2 million and shows no signs of slowing. Daily News claims about 2016, “…There’s no debating that the film is a box office phenomenon.”

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  2. 2016 Obama’s America has grossed over $33 million in the box office to become the top grossing documentary of 2012 and the 2nd highest grossing political documentary of all time.

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