Marketing Ben Stein’s Movie: EXPELLED

When MLi first met with the producers of Expelled, filming was well underway. Premise Media was a new production company. They contracted MLi to develop their corporate image as well as the creative direction for the marketing of the film.
The subject matter was sensitive and bound to raise controversy so the marketing was going to need an edge… something gutsy… something outside the box.
With Ben Stein as the star and known mostly for his comedic rolls, MLi conceived a character cross between Ben and rebel musician Angus Young (AC-DC). Ben Stein, alias Rebel Ben… The schoolboy rebel with a cause… “EXPOSE ACADEMIC SUPPRESSION!”
MLi designed the concept of rebel Ben spray-painting the X in the title of EXPELLED, stamped on a brick wall. The wall represented the school Ben had been expelled from for daring to question the powers that be. It further represented the academic walls of suppression… A theme the producers developed further and became the hook in the final script of the film.

Favorite New App… 5 STARS!

Flixter: Watch movies… Tell friends!

This is by far the best app I’ve found in a while. Best because of it’s usefulness and incredible convenience. Flixter is a must-have for all movie buffs. Here are the features:
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– Look up movietimes and movieticket info for movies at the boxoffice
– Buy movietickets from
– Link directly to Roten Tomatoes and IMDB for additional cast, synopsis, reviews and details
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…and more!
Best of all… IT’S FREE!

"REMOTE" Photo Shoot Art Direction via New Technology

When time wouldn’t allow for an out of town photo shoot in Vegas, MLi Design did the next best thing… We utilized the new Adobe ConnectNow “Screen Share” feature that comes packaged with CS4.

Model selection was done via an agency web site and phone calls with sales reps, but on the day of the shoot, the on-site photographer connected his digital camera to a laptop, launched Adobe Bridge and ConnectNow and MLi art directed the entire shoot remotely from our offices here in WA. We were able to see everything the camera saw which enabled us to make wardrobe changes, adjust lighting, position the talent, suggest shot scenarios, comment on hair, expressions and anything else we would have done had we been on site that day.

Above are samples of two shots taken that day (out of over 500), laid out in brochure format. The shoot took place in the client’s airplane hangar near the main strip in Vegas so the photographer later went to a local casino for the background shots that we photoshopped in from here.

MLi Brands "Action Gaming’s" New Marketing Approach

Long time client for MLi, Action Gaming, is broadening their marketing approach to now target casinos. Prior to this, the focus has always been on the Video Poker players. Action Gaming, the developers and sole holders of the multi-hand video poker patent, has single handedly expanded the popularity through their various new versions of the game and their free online players web site at (Also branded by MLi Design.)

With their new marketing approach branded by MLi, Action Gaming will now target casinos to further expand on the game’s growing popularity. Above is a sample of the branding and web design we’ve done on Action Gaming’s new site for casino owners and operators, that will be a one stop source of information for all things video poker related.