Mike Inks
Creative Director

MLI Design… Making Lasting Impressions

MLi Design is passionate about helping you find your voice and developing your brand identity. Whether you’re starting a new venture or updating your existing brand, marketing materials, or Website, MLi has the expertise to help you succeed. Led by Creative Director Mike Inks, our corporate portfolio spans over 25 years.

MLi has established relationships with top industry professionals in every discipline of marketing and advertising. That enables us to go beyond branding, print and web design to offer full-service agency marketing, including marketing strategy for large-scale campaigns, copywriting, back-end Web development, SEO, Illustration and photography. MLi Design can custom design a team to meet your specific needs or offer you one-on-one creative direction and design that will ensure your brand and marketing are… making lasting impressions.

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  • Greg Brown
    Marketing Director
  • Thor Simpson
    Thor Simpson
    Web Developer
  • Trevor_Green
    Trevor Green
    Web Developer
  • Daniel Brockley
    Daniel Brockley
    Writer, Filmmaker
  • Carol Pearson
    Carol Pearson
    Content Strategist
  • Stewart Tilger
    Stewart Tilger